My Grandfather’s Words: Monday October 7, 1918

The weather was fair and cloudy this evening. I worked in corrals this A.M., in the train cars this P.M., and fed the horses their oats tonight. I had to fee oats yesterday, too. So did not go to town till later. I went to the Methodist church last evening. It was a kind of new experience for us & yet I don’t think it hurt us any.

Sometimes I think we are too exclusive and don’t let our light shine in places where we could. Paul used to go to the synagogues. If the opportunity came he “preached Christ unto them.” If I could just preach Christ unto them. I am not earnest enough nor steady enough. I am too much of a vacillating Christian, one time hot & another time cold. It is a terrible thing to be that way.

There will be a good conference in Ft. Worth, but the Spanish influenza makes us hesitate about going. I have not seen the CO regarding passes yet. I don’t know whether he will let me off or not. Some of the others have got away. Oliver and June Nelson got away to a conference for a few days awhile ago. It may be that I can.

I secured an extra shirt tonight. I am glad of it. It’s just a cotton shirt, but it is G.I. issue, so it can be turned in when I wear it out.

There are several of the men down the the “flu” as we call it here in the remount. They are quartered in tents out south of the canteen. I am feeling pretty good myself at the moment and hope I don’t get it. One never knows though. I think if one keeps his bowels open & takes reasonable care of himself that he won’t get it. I don’t want Mary to get it. If I got it I’m afraid she would, too.

I had a letter from Mother and the boys last week. she is well. I’m glad of it. Ben has settle down some and is taking some hed to what I wrote him, I guess. One doesn’t know, but if he were down for camp that he might get saved, but we don’t know. Only God knows. He will work His will in His good time.

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