My Grandfather’s Words: Friday October 4, 1918

It’s been a warm day. I worked in the corrals this A.M. This P.M. I helped to make gravel walks around the barracks. Went downtown this evening. Mary is still at Milanes. I don’t know how much longer she will stay there.

This is a memorable day for us as it is the anniversary of our betrothal. I would like to be with her tonight, but could not as she was busy all evening. Little Girl, I wish there was some work you could get where you were free in the evening.

With this job, she is so tied up with the children there. The evenings are the busy time of the day. I can’t see her except for about four evenings a week. Of course this is better than if she were up in Waterloo & I were way down here in camp.

We have been talking over going up to Ft. Worth for Bible conference the eighteenth through the twentieth of this month, but there is so much of this Spanish influenza around that we don’t know whether to go or not. We have a few cases here in camp. There is a great deal scattered over the country in the various camps.

They opened the ground for a new Y here tonight with quite a little ceremony. The captain was the one who broke the ground. The personnel of the remount, Vet corps, wagon trains, & Horshoers school was present. Also Mr. Kuiper whose efforts made the Y here possible and who we were glad to learn is to be our new Secretary. Mr. Anderson, the general Secratary of the Y’s of this Corp was also present. There were several very appropriate little talks given and then the captain lifted that first spadeful of earth on the site and our Y has now become a reality.


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