My Grandfather’s Words: Sunday November 17, 1918

grandpa and grandmaI haven’t been keeping this diary up as I have not had time.

Events have moved very rapidly the last month. Peace is more practically assured. The Germans signed an armistice last Monday, the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. It meant almost unconditional surrender. Praise God.

First, Bulgaria gave up, then Austria, then Hungary collapsed. Then, Turkey caved in and finally November 11, the Germans signed the armistice.

Mary quit her job at Melanes and we moved to a room at 720 N. 13th, but did not like it. We found another nicer room now. I pay only $2.50 a week. We were paying $4.00 a week at the last place.

The papers this A.M. stated that the army would be demobilized rapidly & also the order of the demobilization. I rather think I will come under the second division, that of C.O’s.

(Thus ends my Grandfather’s journal.)

2 thoughts on “My Grandfather’s Words: Sunday November 17, 1918”

  1. I’m glad for the armistice but sad to have your grandpa’s journals end. My mom and I were talking two days ago about my grandpa and his picture in the crowd in NYC when they celebrated the peace. He played in the Army band during the celebration. He went home to Hannibal, MO and later moved to Iowa and married my grandma.


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