My Grandfather’s Words: Wednesday July 31, 1918

Up at first call this morning. The weather is hot again, but there is a nice north breeze this evening.

Breakfast was hotcakes and syrup, and coffee. For lunch there was roast beef and turnips, break, water, and pudding. For supper I had cold tea, bread and tomatoes.

Usual morning routine. I went out to work. My ribs hurt quite a bit. At about 8:30 I asked Sargent Hetyler for permission to visit the doctor & have him look at my ribs. He put a civilian on the water cart & let me go. The doctor looked me over, examined my ribs & then strapped me up again. He gave me a certificate to stay on my bunk today.

I have had a lazy day, not doing anything but being lazy. The ribs are sore yet tonight and the tape is so tight that I can hardly breathe. I guess that is what I need thought, to have my chest strapped in so I could not expand it so.

I did not have a letter from Mary Dear today, but had two yesterday. I shall write her tonight & try to write Dan in Dallas, too. He sent me a bundle of Faithful Words & I must write and thank him.

I ate the last of the stuffed dates that Mary sent me. They have lasted pretty good. I only ate two or three at a time.

The evening’s paper says the Huns are reforming their lines & trying to hold the allies in check. I pray God that they fail & that they not only fail there , but everywhere else, too. I fear that peace will only come with the Huns giving up entirely & almost unconditionally.

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