My Grandfather’s Words: Tuesday July 30, 1918

Weather is hot. A fast wind blew a few clouds racing across the sky.

At breakfast there were spuds, coffee, and fresh peaches. For lunch roast pork, spuds and gravy, and pudding, bread and water were on offer. At supper there was stew, peas, pumpkin pie, bread, and lemonade.

Up at 6:05. Hurried and bathed and dressed by 6:20. I took the adhesive tape off my body last evening and my ribs are a little sore. They bothered me quite a bit today. Same old job, same old heat. Took up an ice fund last P.M. and bought 30 cents worth today. I have 16 cents for tomorrow. Most of the fellows are glad to give a nickel or so for ice.

I found a bug of some kind in my food this A.M. The find nearly sickened me right there at the mess table. I got out as quick as I could and spit and spit and washed my mouth out & washed my teeth. I had spat the bug out on my handkerchief. After I got outside I felt better. It sure put a curb on my eating for the rest of the day. I can even feel the nausea yet this evening.

I had two letters from Dearest today. She is feeling good and is out at Aunt Francis’s today. It seems their home has a kind of restful effect on one & I am glad she is there. It surely seems hard to be so far apart, but God knows best. I am praying that He will soon bring us together again.

The paper stated this A. M. that Turkey had broken with Germany. I think if she has, it will be the beginning of the end. Please God it may be.

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