My Grandfather’s Words: Thursday August 1, 1918

Weather was hot all day, but got a bit cooler in the evening.

At breakfast there was spuds, coffee, and bread. At lunch we had boiled ham, cabbage, water, spuds, and pudding. For supper we had liver & onions, lima beans, cake, and water.

Up at the usual time, passed up my bath. Went on sick report. I had had to cut the bandage. It was too tight & I cut it across. The doctor called me for that & put more adhesive on me & marked me for duty. I inquired about my new glasses. Sargent Daily said something to effect that they were ready and had come into the office. He would look it up. He couldn’t find them & so wrote some kind of excuse about them being mislaid. I took that and went over to the hospital with it. I got the specs. They are larger than the old ones and have white metal frames with clear glass. They hurt my eyes a little. I will have to get accustomed to them, I guess.

I had no letter from Mary today & none yesterday either. It may be the letter is delayed in the mail. I pray that she is all right & has not become ill. My Sweetheart. I wonder.

I went up to the Y tonight and the Y secretary asked me if I could go out to a camp meeting next Tuesday evening. They want to get about sixty or seventy men to go. Then the people at the camp can send in cars after them and bring them back again. I agreed to go if I could get a pass. It will be a rather nice trip, I think. I will try to get Ralph to go, too.

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