My Grandfather’s Words: Friday August 2, 1918

The weather was nice and cool this morning.

Breakfast was hotcakes & syrup, corn flakes, milk, and coffee. For lunch we had spuds, wieners, bread, water, and prunes. For supper we had watermelon, spuds, tea, and bread.

Up at 6:15 the usual routine. My side is so sore that I did not feel like going and getting a bath. The paper states this morning that the Huns are fleeing again. God grant that it is true, that they may soon give up, that this terrible war may cease and families be reunited.

There were some new men came in this morning. They were shouting as they came past in cars.

I worked today, but my side hurt so very much it was like torture almost. I shall go on sick report tomorrow again to have it examined again. I hate to go down there because they get the idea that a man is gold bricking as they call it, playing off. But I don’t seem to get any better.

I had a wonderful letter from Mary Dear today and I answered it. She is still out to Dunkerton resting up. She enjoys it very much out there.

I went to town last evening to get a hair cut. I found a place where they cut it for a quarter. The camp barber is on furlough & I was getting rather woolly that I had to do something.

It has been a pretty hard day and I am tired.

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