My Grandfather’s Words: Saturday July 27, 1918

Weather is hot and clear. For breakfast I ate 2 little peaches, fried spuds, coffee, bread, and grape-nuts. For lunch we had beans, meat, bread, spuds, and water. At supper we had apples, sliced boiled beef, bread, water, and peas.

Up at 6:15. Skipped my bath. Had to report to the doctor. I told him I thought I was fine for work. He grinned and said, “Alright. Try it anyhow.” I went out and told Sergeant Hitgler to give me a light job as I had a cracked rib. So he set me to watching the horses. I was to keep them from running from one side of the corral to the other while they were cleaning the corral. They would push the stock from one side to the other. They set several men to watch them.

This evening I helped push the water cart around. Then I went into Waco. I met with George –. I got to talking to him and I told him about the Lord Jesus. He professed to be saved. He is a member of a church they call “Of the Apostolic Faith.” I can hardly make him out as he seems to believe in faith healing and many other things that I interpret differently. He is married and his wife is with him here in Waco.

I went to the soldier’s club and to the canteen. There I got into a conversation with one of the ladies who is in charge. I inquired about work for nurses there & also about rooms to let. In her opinion there was plenty of work for nurses here. I then went up to the Amicable Bldg to interview some of the doctors there regarding the same thing. Only saw one doctor, but he spoke very favorably regarding the need for nurses there.

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