My Grandfather’s Words: Sunday July 28, 1918

Weather: hot

At breakfast I had scrambled eggs, bread, and coffee. For lunch I ate chicken stew, spuds, bread, and water. I also had a coke. Supper was good, chicken and cabbage slaw, and cocoa cookies.

I was up rather late, but in time for reveille. Last evening I went to town (Waco) and spend $5.50, too much to spend. And this evening I spend $2.05. I bought a service flag for Honey Girl & a book on non-commissioned officers’ duties for myself. I don’t know if I will get a warrant or not, but if I do have the chance for an examination I want to be ready for it.

The papers are talking very favorably now. The Germans are on the run. I hope they are & that they keep them going clear to Berlin. I hope this thing is over by Fall. I know HE hears. The boy; Ralph Evans & Milligan & I had a little Bible class this A.M. down beyond the quarters of the pack trains. I did not enjoy it like I should have. I was not “in the Spirit” and it was hard sledding for me.

I know I told it yesterday, but I’ve been thinking about it today. I went to see one of the doctors last evening regarding work for a nurse. If Mary should decide to come down I want to know about how things would be for her.

I had a dear letter from her today. I answered it this evening. I wrote Guy Rutter this A.M. and started a letter to Mother, too.

2 thoughts on “My Grandfather’s Words: Sunday July 28, 1918”

  1. I love reading your grandfather’s journal entries. I look forward to them.My grandpa was in WWI, and I feel closer to him as I’m as I read the words of your grandfather. My grandpa was a trench runner in Europe and finished out his service as a saxophone player in the Army Band.


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