My Grandfather’s Words: Friday July 26, 1918

The weather today was hot though I felt a breeze when I was in the shade.

For breakfast we had cakes & syrup, and coffee. At lunch we had spuds, onions, and pudding. At supper we had tomatoes, water, and pie.

I was up at 6:15 and on time for reveille. I reported sick again today, the ribs being pretty sore. The doctor marked me “quarters” again. I have a letter from Mary Girl. She is well, but doesn’t know what to do about coming down here. I wrote back and asked her to talk to God about it. I am, too. If He opens a way down, a job, and a home, then I believe He would have us together down here in Texas.

I’ve read quite a bit this morning and down some patching and fixing up some clothes. The thermometer stood at about 100 at 4 this afternoon. I wrote some of the first part of this diary this PM. Some things I would have forgotten, of course, but there are many incidents that I remember.

I bought a belt from Boller this evening for 36 cents. I suppose he wanted to go to town and did not have any money. It seems many of the boys are that way. On pay day they have a little money and they go to town every evening until it is all spent. Then they are broke until next pay day unless they can sell something or other for a little money.

I wrote to Honey Girl this week. I had a sweet letter from her today. She is out at Dunkerton for a few days. Aunt Frances is not very well.

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