My Grandfather’s Words: Thursday July 25, 1918

The weather today was hot and windy. The thermometer reads 102 degree F. at 7:00 PM, but the breeze makes it seem cool.

For breakfast this morning we had hot spuds, coffee, cornflakes, & milk. Oh! and one peach. For dinner we had cabbage, sugared spuds, bread, boiled ham, & water. For supper we had mince pie, bread & water, carrots, and spuds.

Up again at 6:15 and passed up my bath, breakfast was at 6:30. I went on sick report & was marked “quarters” for today. My ribs are pretty sore from the horse’s kick yesterday. They will likely be sore for a few days. I read and tried to think and read some more until the A.M mail came. A dear letter from Sweetheart Wife. She is well, but is lonely, too. I seems strange sometimes that we are separated this way. She, way up there in Waterloo & I down here. Yet God knows best and we try to be patient under His hand. She sent me two snapshots of herself, too. My heart longs for her. For a moment these pictures bring her nearer. Maybe she will come down here. Yet, I don’t know whether it is best she come or not. I can only pray that God will open the way soon for us to be together again.

We signed the pay roll. I expect we will get our pay about the second of August.

I wrote up some of my journal’s back pages this evening. I started this the second of July & was drafted the 9th of May. I have quite a bit of back history to write up. Of course I won’t be able to remember all occurrences but will do the best I can.

At this time, the horses that are going overseas are all sorted. They finished this A.M. It seems there are but twelve hundred to go, instead of the twenty-seven hundred I had heard were going. There is always  talk flying around here.

One thought on “My Grandfather’s Words: Thursday July 25, 1918”

  1. I think it’s amazing that your grandfather’s journal mirrors the concept of blogging. I suppose the need to chronicle our lives is bred in the bone. Thank you for posting these, Rebecca.


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