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My Grandfather’s Words: Thursday July 25, 1918

The weather today was hot and windy. The thermometer reads 102 degree F. at 7:00 PM, but the breeze makes it seem cool.

For breakfast this morning we had hot spuds, coffee, cornflakes, & milk. Oh! and one peach. For dinner we had cabbage, sugared spuds, bread, boiled ham, & water. For supper we had mince pie, bread & water, carrots, and spuds.

Up again at 6:15 and passed up my bath, breakfast was at 6:30. I went on sick report & was marked “quarters” for today. My ribs are pretty sore from the horse’s kick yesterday. They will likely be sore for a few days. I read and tried to think and read some more until the A.M mail came. A dear letter from Sweetheart Wife. She is well, but is lonely, too. I seems strange sometimes that we are separated this way. She, way up there in Waterloo & I down here. Yet God knows best and we try to be patient under His hand. She sent me two snapshots of herself, too. My heart longs for her. For a moment these pictures bring her nearer. Maybe she will come down here. Yet, I don’t know whether it is best she come or not. I can only pray that God will open the way soon for us to be together again.

We signed the pay roll. I expect we will get our pay about the second of August.

I wrote up some of my journal’s back pages this evening. I started this the second of July & was drafted the 9th of May. I have quite a bit of back history to write up. Of course I won’t be able to remember all occurrences but will do the best I can.

At this time, the horses that are going overseas are all sorted. They finished this A.M. It seems there are but twelve hundred to go, instead of the twenty-seven hundred I had heard were going. There is always  talk flying around here.

My Grandfather’s Words: Monday May 13, 1918 (Part B)

The Wait was Over

The officers finally came and passed up one line and down another until they had looked over us all. There were three train loads of men drawn up there. It took some time to inspect everyone.

Then, they started line by line down to the boarding tracks where the trains were waiting. We were quickly loaded on and one after another the trains pulled away from the station. Continue reading My Grandfather’s Words: Monday May 13, 1918 (Part B)