My Grandfather’s Words: Thursday August 10, 1918

The weather was hot and windy again.

At breakfast we had hot cakes & syrup, coffee, and prunes. For lunch we had corned beef & cabbage, spuds, and bread. At supper there was liver & onions, peas, bread, peach cobbler, and cocoa.

The usual routine, up at 6:15 etc. Ralph and I walked to town this evening. I questioned a couple of places about rooms to let for light housekeeping. I also saw Dr. Rowe who was going to look around and see what the outlook for nurses was here. He could give me very little information however. There is a scarcity of nurses here, it is true. I do think that Mary would have very little trouble finding work.

This one thing in our lives before God bothers me. It seems wrong to do what we think we would have to do now. So I am unsettled yet. I can only look to Him and ask Him to make things clear to Mary Dear and me. What should we do? In the meantime we will have to be content to see and talk with each other through the medium of letters. It may be this separation is for us to learn a lesson from. We are sure that God has a reason for taking us apart like this. We are trying to learn the lesson. Pray God though that our lesson is soon learned & that we may be together again. It is hard to be away from each other as we are, but He knows too.

Soon God will bring us together again.

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