My Grandfather’s Words: Friday August 16, 1918

The weather is hot.

I don’t remember what I ate on this day. I did not write this on Friday but on Saturday evening. So I’m writing what I remember. Usual routine. Some inspector is to be coming tomorrow. There is a lot of extra work cleaning up around and getting ready for him. boat

I had a long talk with a young fellow here yesterday (Friday) evening. His name is Buchman. He is a corporal. He works in the office as a stenographer. Our talk finally turned to things of God. I shared my testimony. He doesn’t believe the Word of God is infallible & of course many things that I said were not accepted by him.

One sometimes wonders at the many ideas of God, and all the things people think a Christian is. Some professing to know Christ are here smoking their cigarettes and joining in with the raucous laughter as filthy stories are told, just as those who make no profession whatsoever. There are some who say they are Christians and they act no differently than the non-believer. One wonders just how real it all is sometimes. I feel certain many are just hiding behind their church creed and are using their profession of Christ for whatever reason, though it isn’t real.

This young man is one of the most sincere boys in the barracks. I’ve noticed he is very much troubled lately from the things he has let drop. I think he is in soul trouble. I can pray that he gets saved.

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