My Grandfather’s Words: Tuesday August 6, 1918

Weather: HOT

We had hotcakes and syrup, coffee, and white grapes for breakfast. For lunch there was roast beef, spuds, gravy, and water. For supper we had lima beans, lemonade, and bread.

Up at the usual time and am on sick report. I stand retreat and reveille just the same. I haven’t been down to the doctor’s yet. Don’t know what he will mark me this morning.

Went down to the doctor’s. He marked me light duty. I helped out in the canteen most of the time today. It is not hard, but one must hustle part of the time. They rush you for a few minutes just after eleven o’clock & then again at five in the evening. I rather like it in there tho. However, the hours in the evening are bad – 4:30 until 9. So one could not go to town very well.

I had a letter from Mary Girl again today. Dearest is well, but says Aunt Frances is not so well. She hasn’t been able to get out for the church meetings for a week or two. Mary says that it may be that she must take care of Aunt Frances yet. That may be what the Lord would have her do. I don’t know. The Lord knows best. We have been praying that He may show us the way so clearly that we can not be mistaken.

I wish I could make an allotment to Aunt Frances, too. If she gets worse I am going to see what I can do. I am responsible to take care of her, or at least I feel that I am. So God willing I will try and fulfill my obligation.

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