My Grandfather’s Words: Monday August 5, 1918

The weather was cooler this morning, but hot and windy by mid-day.

Breakfast was an orange, two eggs, coffee, & fried spuds. For lunch we had spuds, pork & beans, and water. Supper was beef stew with rice, bread, and lemonade.

Up at usual time. Slept pretty good last night. I dreamed of Mary Girl. I had such a dear letter from her yesterday. Answered it & it will be posted this A.M. She wrote me of G. Wetzlichs sister and sweetheart coming down here to see him. I wish I had known they were here. I would have tried to see them. Honey Girl may come down here yet. She is not clear just what is best & I am not either. We are asking the Lord to make it plain to us.

I was to have seen a certain doctor yesterday regarding work for her in the nursing line. I have written today to Mother, Ben, Mr. Dean, and to Honey Girl.

I had another dear letter from her this afternoon. She is still at Dunkerton and is enjoying the quiet out there. In the letter she had included a flower, and best of all, a photo of her that is so real. Apparently, James snapped her when she was reading a letter from me. She seems rather absorbed in it, so she was not aware when the Kodak was snapped. It caught her so naturally reading as if so interested. Of course the letter is from me & I know it is interesting to her, my dear wife.

The Germans are still retreating, according to the Waco paper. I am glad. I pray it is His will that the war ends very soon.

I had a cake & a jar of jelly from Aunt Frances today, too. It is very good. Ralph received a cake from his girl today, too. He gave me a slice. I am still on sick report, though my ribs are not quite so sore.

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