My Grandfather’s Words: Sunday July 21, 1918

The weather today was fair. It was cool this morning.

For breakfast I had an orange, hot cakes, spuds, and coffee. For lunch they served chicken, spuds and gravy, cake for dessert. The lemonade was sour. I ate supper downtown. I had a bowl of soup and apple pie with ice cream.

I was lazy this morning and didn’t get up until 6:20. I had a bath and cleaned my teeth. I shaved after breakfast. After reading my Bible and praying for a while I went over to the top sergeant’s office and asked for a chance to do something besides the bull gang. I asked him for the job in the saddlery shop under Sergeant Sladek. He gave me all the encouragement he could and promised to try and get me in.

After inspection Ralph and I had a nice conversation. I let him read CWR’s answer to those who oppose conscription or war on the grounds that it isn’t scriptural. Ralph doesn’t agree with some of the things CWR brings out. I didn’t argue with him as I want him to see it only if God will have him see it.

After noon mess I went downtown to look around a little. I had a letter from Honey Girl in the A.M & I answered it at the town Y this P.M. I walked down and I got back about 10. I was tired but did not sleep very well.

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