My Grandfathers Words: Saturday July 20, 1918

Though cool in the early morning, the weather most of the day was hot.

For breakfast I ate three plums, and fried spuds, coffee, and bread. Lunch was roast pork, spuds and gravy, bread and water. For supper we had liver & onions, prunes, cocoa, and bread.

I didn’t get up for a bath this morning as I had taken one late last night. I was busy this morning. I was at reveille and answered sick call as I was instructed to do yesterday. The Saturday sergeant said he would get me into his office to help him. I will be very glad if he does. It surely seems as if God is helping me, by giving me favor in the sight of those in command.

I had a letter yesterday from Mary dearest but I couldn’t read it until this morning. I had another letter from Mary dearest and one from Oliver this morning. I wrote to both of them in return. My eyes hurt some yet, but not too bad.

I am hoping Sargent Sladeh puts me through for his helper in the harness & saddlery shop. The Lieutenant told him to get a helper & he said he would try & get me in.

I thought this morning I would try to go to town this evening, but my eyes are bothering me some.  Instead, I wrote to Honey-Girl quite particularly in regard to coming down here. She and Aunt Frances are halfway planning on taking rooms together somewhere in Waco this fall. If the Lord wills, she may come by herself. What to do about Aunt Francis I don’t know.

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