Hippies Try to Invade Peaceful Setting: KaPOW! 10

The Vacation in 1970 in My Mother’s Words:

July 18

Ate breakfast at a PA Dutch diner “Zinns.” Left motel at 10:45 A.M. Driving through many small towns. The thing most noticeable is the cleanliness, no trash blowing across highway or smashed along curbs in the towns. We saw a lot of signs advertising cabinet makers. Passed a large factory for kitchen cabinets. The farms and homes look neat and well-kept with lots of flowers around them.

Many towns in this area end in  “ville” like ‘Shoemakersville, or Pottsville‘, some end in “burg” as in “Millersburg” or “Gettysburg.” Pottsville is high in the mountains with beautiful views (I-81) but terrible road surface. Passed a coal mine on the left. Highway smoothed out but 26 miles to go to Wilkes-Barre. Stopped for a “so-so” lunch and got directions to Mehoopany, PA to visit with Pop Underwood (The Underwoods live next door to us on Grammar Street). We stopped at a small country store to ask and the lady knew just where we were going, knew him in fact.

Mileage 54,464 GAS 14.3 gallons @40.9 cents =$5.84

We drove a winding mountain road (before Mehoopany) and finally got to his cabin on the river. We stayed there this night and all of Sunday (July 19). Really enjoyed it. Clear river, kids swam and fished. Becky got bit by a dragonfly nymph. I’ve never heard of such a thing. It drew blood. Pop took them for a motor boat ride. I enjoyed cooking for him.

July 20

11:30 A.M. Sad to leave Pop Underwood all alone up there. It is such a beautiful property up in the mountains like that, I can understand why he spends the summers here and not in Houston a block away from his son’s family. They are all so busy during summer – not home most of the time.

We were surprised to learn that Pop’s neighbor shot the tires off a hippy van when a group of them tried to enter the property. It isn’t surprising they tried to get onto the property. They are all looking for the free handout, etc. It is very quiet up there. Peaceful. But if the hippies come it won’t be.

We traveled into New York and then into New Jersey, then back into New York for overnite. Kids went swimming. R went to the washateria. Stayed at Howard Johnson’s and ate there. Room was okay but too expensive. Had to walk in mud to the restaurant. They should watch this. Too much trouble will spell problems for them in future.

2 thoughts on “Hippies Try to Invade Peaceful Setting: KaPOW! 10”

    1. It was amazing in retrospect. I will have a few comments myself at the end of my mother’s journal. Sadly she never wonders about us kids or seems interested in what we think about any of it. The photos do justice to my own memories of the adventure.


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