The Air Smells Like Chocolate 9

Our 1970 Vacation in my mother’s words:

Thursday July 16

In the morning we had to dry out mattresses in the sun. Then it clouded up again so we ate breakfast in the trailer and packed. Wind picked up. We finally got through it and the weather turned nice further into PA. Stopped at a roadside stand and bought some lovely pie cherries and some apricots, and beets.  ($1.10) Hard to find anything like this in Houston.

Mileage: 54,148 Filled tank at Chambersburg. 17.4 gallons at 40.9 cents a gallon

On our way to Hershey, PA.  “Bridge freezes before road surface” is a sign often seen. Tiny pink flowers along the Interstate 81. At Hershey we parked in a large parking lot and walked over to a platform to wait for the monorail car to take us to the chocolate factory. (monorail $1.25 for round trip) The kids had never heard of a factory city like this. All business is centered around the factory. The streets are named after candy bars. The air smells like chocolate. After a short ride, we took the 40 minute tour. (candy and postcards $.92) Walked to a cafeteria in Hersheytown. ($7.50)

After lunch, caught monorail back. Noticed a long line of trailers at the local park so we knew no chance of getting a place. Drove south to Lancaster and stopped at Pinch Pond, a private park. ($3.50) The kids fished. It cost a dollar to fish and a dollar per fish caught. After 40 minutes Jon caught a 14″ rainbow trout. (total $8.00) The pond is small but just right for the kids. The wind whistles through the tall trees around us.

This park is near the Pennsylvania Turnpike and is noisy – but it isn’t hot. That is some comfort. Apparently it rained hard in the night. We are on a hill so aren’t worried about floods. The sun is starting to set and the wood smoke fire smells good.

July 17

After a night’s sleep, some of it spent listening to the turnpike traffic, I enjoyed a trout breakfast. Jon caught 4 trout and Jeff caught 2.

We left at noon to drive into Lancaster. Stopped at the visitor information center and watched a film about the Pennsylvania Dutch. Ate a huge lunch at Plain and Fancy Farm (15.64) and bought some souvenirs (7.23) Took the 222 towards Reading. Stayed at Colonial Motel ($26.70)

Mother’s Poem of August 1957:

Tonight the sky is set in splinters.

Moon peeps from cloud closet

like a child who peers warily

until, emboldened she steps forth.

Owl calls, startling.

And moon play hide and seek with shadows

upon forest floor

as fallen leaves whisper with each breath of wind.

The  scent of wood smoke? distant fire glows

dying into ashes red.

Moon beckons follow.

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