Day 6 and counting

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This one hundred days to health is dragging. So this will be brief.

Here’s 10 Ways to cut at least 100 Calories that I snipped from a Woman’s Day Mag (January 2011):

  1. Don’t eat the end crust on your pizza.
  2. Switch from regular salad dressing to light.
  3. Eat 2 egg whites instead of 2 whole eggs.
  4. Swap you daily can of regular soda for a can of naturally flavored, calorie-free seltzer. (I vote for a bottle of water instead).
  5. Eat your sandwiches open-faced (with only one slice of bread instead of two).
  6. Scoop out the inside of a bagel (or buy a pkg of the “thin” bagels made specifically for sandwiches).
  7. Leave the cheese off the sandwich.
  8. Use an oil mister instead of pouring oil from a bottle (which reminds me I should mention – never use the aerosol spray oil on non-stick pans it ruins them.)
  9. Eat fresh fruit instead of dried. One half-cup of raisins has more than 200 calories, but one full cup of fresh grapes has just 80.
  10. Swap mayo for mustard. 2 Tbsp of mayo has 200 calories; 2 Tbsp of mustard has just 30. (I can understand 2 Tbsp of Mayo on a sandwich but who puts 2 Tbsp of mustard on a sandwich???)

Today: breakfast: One cup plain oatmeal, warm (95 C). Lunch: 3 chicken nuggets and a cup of peas with onions and mushrooms leftover from last night. (450 C) 14 Oz Lean Body Vanilla drink (180) Supper: 1 1/2 cup spaghetti with 3 meatballs and sauce (600 C) 1/2 cup reduced fat chips for snack. (80 c) glass of wine (95)

Lost no weight.

Blood Glucose: 99


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