Soy Bad, Whey Good

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Português: Suplemento Alimentar – Proteína do Leite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is day 5 of my countdown, one hundred days to health. I have to wake up in the morning with a plan and a determination to do this right.


I found the old can of Slim-Fast in the cupboard and gave everyone else in the house permission to eat it.

“Why? If it’s bad for you is it going to be good for me?” my husband asked. “What does this say?”

It says I hate to throw things away … but I said, “I’m not eating soy protein anymore. Only whey protein.” Thing is soy isn’t bad for people. It’s really healthy. But I’ve been eating soy products steadily for years and it could be what is contributing to my middle fat.

Seriously, I am going to be steering clear of soy products, especially products with processed soy. So I went and bought two kinds of Whey protein drinks. I tasted the one with the Spirulina in it. I have no idea what a Spirulina looks like, or what it is, but it sounds healthy, doesn’t it? I think it’s a green plant, like sprouts. I’m going to turn into a super-healthy person drinking stuff with Spirulina in it. I drink that green stuff in a bottle from the refrigerated section. No, really, it’s good. And it’s chock full of Spirulina, and sprouts.

Today, Breakfast – cooked Scottish Oats with a tablespoon of milk and less of honey. (350 C) Lunch: Dinner out with friend Shirley at Sweet Tomatoes, hungry near starvation, Loaded the dinky plate with all sorts of colorful stuff from beets (no idea the calories), carrots, peas, boiled egg, lettuce, spinach, black olives (25 calories for 3. What???) entire meal, probably 1,000 calories. Dinner, fried chicken nuggets (home-made with healthful oil – 750 C) peas and mushroom, 1/2 cup 200 C, macaroni 1/2 cup (didn’t finish – 50 C), glass of wine – 95 C

Blood sugar this morning 142 (not so good)

Walked two and a half miles on treadmill in 40 minutes. Burned 240 C.

Not so tired today.

What I learned: Fiber is essential for getting rid of cholesterol. Good foods to look for apples, black olives, onions and green tea. (pass the black olives). It’s important to eat plenty of cooked vegetables because cooking helps the veggies help the thyroid. Pomegranate juice is good forcing the system to work for you not against you.

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