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A Red Letter Day

English: Stylized lettering from a shield imag...
English: Stylized lettering from a shield image formerly used by . Red version (#b11107ff) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is Day 26. I have lost two pounds. Glory be!


The weather is cold. The stark sunlight bares all the squish and frozen brownishness in the garden. Lots of s sounds in that sentence. Pamelot, I did that just for you.


The Welch house is fast becoming amazing. All the rot on the outside has been extracted board by mushy board. The kitchen no longer has holes in the floor. We are getting the gas turned on today so maybe there will be a little heat soon. The only day I didn’t see the house being worked on was the day we had the flood in the living room (It was 22 degrees outside).


I took the workers brownies today. I had them trailing after me, the pied piper of brownies, until I put them down on top of a pile of Sheetrock.


Did you know if you put the oil in the bowl before pouring the dry mix in, it comes out of the bowl easier?


And no, I didn’t eat a brownie.


Okay, while transferring the hot brownies from pan to plate, a bit fell to the side. Just a bit. It was excellent.