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Back To The Ol’ Texas Homestead At Last! 18

Six Flags over Texas
Six Flags over Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From My Mother’s Journal 1970:


Monday August 24


Finally got a good night’s sleep. We have officially been on the road nine weeks. After breakfast drove and drove and drove around Dallas to get to 6 Flags Over Texas. $24 cash to get in.


The Chevy Show was misnamed. I thought it would be about cars but instead you sit in a seat and the screen in front of you showed a front view from a helicopter, fast cars, boats, planes, and a snowmobile as if you were a passenger in these. It almost made me seasick.


The run-away mine train was an honest to goodness roller-coaster, which Jon, Becky and R enjoyed. Jeff and I went on the “Mine-Train”, a bit tamer ride.


We had thought that 6 Flags Over Texas would be a lot bigger than AstroWorld, but it isn’t true. Besides, AstroWorld is constantly adding on new rides and growing bigger.

English: Texas Cyclone at Sunset. Taken 1 day ...
English: Texas Cyclone at Sunset. Taken 1 day before the closing of Astroworld forever. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We did notice that 6-Flags was very clean and appreciated the nicely cooled bathrooms. I guess my favorite ride was the spelunkers’ Cave with its splashes of cool spray.

The kids liked the Spindletop.


With meals, snacks, parking and entrance fee the day costs us over $40. I can’t imagine what a larger family would cost. That was for four people and a child.


We spent Sunday and Monday night at the Holiday Inn. R remarked that for 2 nights, 2 breakfasts, and 1 supper, it cost about $22.00 a day less than the Holiday Inn in Chicago.


Tuesday August 25


We heard on the news last night that Houston ranks #6 in nation for population and Dallas was #8. I’ve been thinking about the kids going to school next Monday August 31st. We’ll have Jeff in Elementary School, Jon in Jr. High, Becky in High School, and Bobby in college.


On Highway 75 going towards Houston I’ve noticed how dry and brown the grass is along the roadway. A big truck was spraying water on the trees in the median – I guess trying to keep them alive. The stretch of road between Streetman and Buffalo was not highway and seemed very dangerous – with cars passing too fast or cars moving too slow, dangerous driving. There were signs that said “Daylight Test Area – Turn On Headlights” on this stretch. We stopped at one Nickerson Farms that had a sign that said “Shirts and shoes required inside”, so I guess they’d had some problems.


It has been our experience on this trip that some places should have a sign that reads “only those who bathe daily and use deodorant will be admitted.”


Stopped at Huntsville State Park for 1 hour between 4 & 5 PM. It is not crowded today. Apparently there have been two days of rain here added to the fact that all school districts except Houston Independent School District began yesterday. The park was great, not too hot. Jon and Jeff went fishing but didn’t catch anything. It made a nice break to rest even if it cost $1.00 just to get in. I approve of this entry fee as it does eliminate some undesirables (those who would trash up the park and not bathe).


We would have used our camper exclusively if 1) all parks had clean, working showers, and flush toilets. And plenty of them. It is ridiculous to find one shower for women and one shower for men in a camper ground that is housing three-hundred campers. And wouldn’t it be nice if those showers had hot water as advertised and not SUN-WARMED water available at 3 in the afternoon only. WHY do females throw their personal sanitation wear in the toilet and block up the sewer system for an entire campground?


We would have used our camper exclusively if 2) the camp ground guide-book had been more explicit as in if there are TWO campgrounds with the SAME name within a few miles of each other this was made known so there would be no confusion.


We would have used our camper exclusively if 3) our tent had been more waterproof.


We would have used our camper exclusively if 4) we hadn’t been so crowded. As the kids have gotten bigger so there just wasn’t enough room. Even though our camper sleeps six, it was elbow-to-elbow all the time. Cramped space makes for gripes and complaints from everyone.


One thing that we noticed, during this camping season, was that common courtesy and decency were sadly lacking. What happened to “regard for others?” The experience was so unlike past years. Why was this year so different? True, there were a few friendly campers, but as a whole those were the exception rather than the rule. This was strange. We all noticed it.


As we get closer to Houston the grass is greener along the road. We just entered Harris County at 5:40 PM. Mileage 59,569 Gas here is 31 cents a gallon. Good to be home!


Noticed a sign in Houston “Time ripens all things, no man is born wise”. In other words like the Pennsylvania Dutch saying “Too soon old – Too late smart”.

They say things in a different way up north, they drive faster and with less regard for other drivers, they act abruptly toward each other and strangers, but we found the exceptions to those generalities, too. We aren’t that much different, them and us.


Clams Make Everybody Happy 6

From My Mother’s Journal, July 6:

Left at 10:45 AM traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway – a scenic drive. Lots of pictures taken. Stopped at the first place we could for souvenirs. Jeff got a book about rocks ($1.60) Becky bought some things and told us she’d pay us back. She owes us $4.08. We drove a while and stopped and picked up a few rocks for Jeff. Stopped at Crabtree Meadows for lunch. It was good. ($11.25). Stopped at a museum about North Carolina Miners. Saw three “long-hairs” lolling in the grass beside the highway, they had been inquiring about a job at the museum.

Gas is expensive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Almost 50 cents a gallon! Stopped for worms for Jon’s fishing at Boone, NC.

Stopped at the Julian Price Memorial, the museum, and park ($2.00). We really enjoyed the cool weather at this park. A little bear showed up behind Jon as he was fishing. Becky was swimming in the lake when the bear appeared next to the bait that Jon was using for his fish. She said he jumped into the water fully clothed when he caught a glimpse of the bear. I think the bear was more interested in seeing if Jon had any fish, which he didn’t, so the bear left. No electricity or showers here. We rigged up the portable shower (cold water hose) for Becky and me to take our daily shower. We decided to stay here a while as it was only $2.00 a night.

July 8

Left the Julian Price Park at 11:25 AM. The Rhododendron are beautiful. We see only one genuine hillbilly in all the state. He was walking along the highway with a staff like he was used to walking from place to place. The last park was so pleasant we would have stayed longer if there were hot showers. Stopped at Cherry Hill shop for souvenirs ($2.15) and coffee (.47). Lunch at Bluff Lodge. Stopped in Cherokee, NC as we usually do. We love the Indian ceremonies but don’t take the time to explore as we normally would. At Mabry Mill we watch corn being ground the old fashioned way. Streams were diverted through a wood trough to turn the old wooden wheel. We visited the blacksmith shop. The blacksmith was forging some scissors. We stopped at the souvenir shop and I bought a spoon and some corn meal. Bought some post cards to send a thank you note to the Schleifs and to Jack Innes. At the end of a winding road we found Doughton Park.This park doesn’t look nearly as appealing at Price Park did. We only stay the one night.

July 9

The Parkway enters Virginia at 2:15 PM. We notice the beautiful orange wild flowers mixed in with yellow and white. I don’t know what they are. This Parkway, though not so smooth here, must be the most beautiful road in the world. Only saw one group of colored the entire time. I don’t know if they try to keep them out. I don’t know. The speed limit is 45 MPH and the road is litter free. The flowers look like they were planned but I know they are wild flowers. Park rangers patrol around the clock. The car uses almost twice as much gas in these mountains and hills than on the flat highways. Plus the gas is more expensive. What a way to run things, right?

We stayed overnight at a Holiday Inn in Roanoke, VA ($27.56) Washed hair, etc. Kids went swimming. Ate supper here. ($15.97)

July 9

As we start out again Jon starts a huge fight with Becky and Jeff. Both Becky and Jeff crying. They are unhappy and saying they want to go home. Robbie sides with Jon. I don’t know what the fight was about and I don’t care. Just wish they would get along. Stopped for lunch at Howard Johnson’s (11.60) Becky orders clams – we all ordered the clams. Seems to make everyone happy. Got some good apple candy made in VA.

Next stop is Natural Bridge Caverns. ($8.10) There are hymns playing from somewhere taken from right out of our hymnal, it seems. The long walk around the cavern and the bridge was worth it. The kids seem to be more calm and we are all in a general good mood. Post cards and drinks (.52)

Mileage 53,333. Mt. Crawford, VA 13.4 gal. $5.33