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A Great Boost With A Review

booksHere is a link to a review for Deadly Thyme that you may be interested in. http://blogcritics.org/book-review-deadly-thyme-by-r-l-nolen/#respond

I was so excited to see this! Wow! Even though it is four stars it is a good one. It sounded as if the reviewer was stretched out of her comfort zone on this – reading a psychological suspense. There is a specific market for this book. It is a British murder/mystery/suspense. That is specific. The only character she did not fall in love with is Ruth. That’s the only negative. I’ll take it.

British writers in this genre tend to focus on the psychological aspects of a murder/and murderer. The gory stuff happens “off-stage”. You, the reader, see the results, a book that is sort of like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. He used shadow to the best advantage for spooky atmosphere. A British M/M or suspense is all about atmosphere, and drama, but there must also be a bit of humor.

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