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The Best Friends a Person Can Have

Today was one of those fine days when everything worked well together and I had the opportunity to go out with friends from Sugar Land. We had a lovely meal at Paulie’s on Westheimer. Paulie’s is well-known for their hand-made pasta and other authentic-tasting Italian delights.

Afterward we went on a close circuit of sights. First, the Guild Shop on Dunlavy is rated the best second-hand shop in Houston. I like it but I have another favorite. The thing about the two thrift shops we went to today is this: They have seriously discounted, real antiques. Take my word for it. You will see the same things at the antique shops five blocks away on lower Westheimer for five-times the price. I bought some designer sleeveless shirts for a dollar. I witnessed a lady buy a Louie Vuitton vintage purse. It was $230. I’m pretty sure you would have had to pay about $1,200 for the same bag about five years ago. I have a friend who has one that is over thirty years old. I hear they hold up well. The Guild Shop has everything. I mean it.

Next we went to the Bluebird Circle shop on Alabama. This one is my favorite thrift shop. I think it feels more organized and neatly laid out than the Guild shop. You can really see things here. I’ve gotten some fabulous chandeliers here in the past. I’ll include the pics of the two of them.

Shopping at these two thrift shops was a huge bonus during our renovation of our two historic homes.SAM_0427 SAM_0424

I saw some antique scales today. I’m going back for them. They are too cool to leave for long. The price goes down over time but the chance is that someone else will get them. It happened with a table I saw that would have been perfect for my son’s house. He wanted to wait for the price to go down. Needless to say. It got sold.

After the thrift shops we went to BlackSmith, a coffee/pastry/sandwich shop on lower Westheimer. We had the homemade biscuit with creme fraiche. Oh. My. Goodness. Don’t tell a soul! I don’t want word to get out and then there really would be nowhere to sit. I loved this place. Can’t wait to try other things on the menu.

Then we all ended up back at my house. My pals came in and I realized with something akin to horror that the house – though I had picked up and straightened before I left – was something close to a disaster zone of untidiness. In my absence the family had cooked lunch and eaten and left me the dishes to prove it. But I have the greatest friends in the world. They didn’t seem to mind. What more can anyone ask?

Okay, you know who you are!! Thank you for a wonderful day out. LOVE YOU!!!