Cooking My Mother’s Recipes ~ Photos

I haven’t been able to sit and share with you all summer although I have been cooking my mother’s recipes. I will be adding more recipes. I thought for today, Labor Day 2018, I would share old photos of my mother and father. The feature photo was taken at their 50th wedding anniversary party.

I’ll start with Grandpa Leask and my Uncle Glenn.Scan_20180902 (26)

Here’s a photo of my mother chasing geese with her older sister Kay.Scan_20180902 (19)

Here’s a photo of my mother with her little brother, and a white dog.Scan_20180902 (20)

They are in the front yard of this house.Scan_20180902 (13)

Scan_20180902 (11)Skip ahead a few years and my mother is standing in almost the exact spot.

This coat my mother is wearing is a muskrat coat she purchased after saving up a long time at her first job. She gave it to me when I went to school in Chicago.Scan_20180902 (10)

Scan_20180902 (7)

I love my mother’s plaid dress.

Here’s my dad in plaid around the same year.Scan_20180902 (17)

These photos were taken the same year 1943. My Dad in Houston, TX and my mother in Waterloo, Iowa.Scan_20180902 (15)Scan_20180902 (18)

Scan_20180902 (14)

Here’s one of my favorites of my mother.

My mother and father are standing on the street in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Waterloo, with my brother Bobby.Scan_20180902 (28)

This photo was taken in 2004.Scan_20180902 (2)

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