My Grandfather’s Words: Saturday August 10, 1918

August 1918 from the War memorial Kansas City

The weather is hot and windy today.

At breakfast I had hotcakes and syrup, half a cantaloupe, and coffee. At lunch we had wieners, cabbage, green onions, spuds, bread and water.

The usual routine, rising, washing, standing reveille…I worked in the corrals. (Depending on the day his work would have included mucking stalls and the dirt corral, separating the herd for training, grooming, and fetching the horses water and hay.) I have nothing out of the ordinary to report about it.

Think I will go to town tonight. I’ll probably walk. I can go right after supper. I only worked till 3:30 P.M. I had a good letter from Mary Girl today. She was at home. She is thinking she will go to Beth’s for a day or two.

It was awfully dusty at the corrals today. I pushed a broom all day. So I’m tired tonight. Mary said the thermometer reached 110 degrees up there Monday. That is as hot as it ever gets here, I guess. The temperature here in Waco was at 98 1/2 yesterday. I think it is getting cooler down here.

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