My Grandfather’s Words: Monday July 8, 1918

Waco, TX

Weather: hot as usual

Breakfast was fried spuds and some sort of cheese and egg scrambled together, coffee & bread. Dinner (lunch) was a kind of meat cooked with peppers – very hot, sweet corn, bread & jam, & water. Supper was hash, pickles, bread, peanut butter, water, & chocolate pudding.

I had a letter from Mary dear this P.M. It was written Friday evening. She’d been out to George Herman’s picking berries Friday. Was expecting to have her tonsils taken out on Saturday at 1:30. She was going to get Aunt Francis to go with her to the doctor’s office. I have been very much worried about her the last few days. But if she was not getting along all O.K. I know they would have wired me.


I was up at first call this A.M. Had ten minutes to bath and dress. Had to go some and did, too. Right after reveille went to “policing streets,” a new thing for the new recruits. Orders are to “police” every morning hereafter.

Usual work this A. M. cleaning in the 5th corral and evening cleaning in alleys and lanes of all corrals. Off at 5:30. Bathed & got into my uniform by 5:50. Supper and retreat over, I read the Waco paper & then wrote to Mary. I am now in recreation room writing in this diary.

Mary sent me that Sears and Robuck. Co. check for 12.95. I endorsed it & sent it back to her. She will need it much more than I do. I have enough to last me till pay day.

It is 9:00 and bed time for me tonight.

One thought on “My Grandfather’s Words: Monday July 8, 1918”

  1. How interesting to read the plaque about Camp MacArthur. If Grandpa had been drafted a few months earlier he might have been sent to France!

    Thank you, Becky, for your work in deciphering his handwriting and posting it for us all to read. The previous post made me think of Psalm 61:5–“…you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.”

    Love from Jan


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