My Grandfather’s Words: Thursday May 9, 1918

wedding-of-grampa-and-grammaMy grandfather, Glenn Ethan Hollopeter married my grandmother, Mary Dowson Leask on February 26, 1918.

The following is the first entry from my grandfather’s Journal:

Mary and I returned from Tracy, Minnesota, at 3 A.M. (Brother Ben lived there.) We went to Mary’s folks, and to bed.

Leask Home in Mason City
In 1906 Mary’s family moved to the Waterloo area from this house of seven gables in Mason City, Iowa

In the morning, I went out to the farm to get my trunk, and finish straightening things up there. I saw Oliver and asked him if I could hire Harvey for the morning. He told me go ahead. So I had Harvey go down to the station, get my trunk, and fetch it out to the farm. I had taken it out to Mother’s to put my fur coat and other things in it.

Harvey brought it out, and then brought it back to Waterloo.

With $11.00, I took the trunk and Harvey downtown where I bought three union suits (long-johns). Harvey brought the trunk to the house. Mary and I tried to get our things up in the attic straightened out a little. It was pretty hot working up there.

I had to report at Cedar Falls at 3 P.M. I caught the 1:20 car up. I was on time. I reported at City Hall. There were several of us. They took us over to have our pictures taken. Then after impressing upon us the necessity of being on hand at 2 P.M. on Friday, they let us go.

I returned to Waterloo to Mary, and we spent tonight again at her folk’s house. So, as of 3 P.M. today I am a soldier in the service of Uncle Sam. It seems pretty strange to me, too.

I do not feel so rebellious as I did at first, though.

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