This is so cool. Detailed instructions


stack-of-books1I’ve had trouble since the beginning trying to learn how to format my books for Kindle and then for all the other sites. Kindle accepts only a .MOBI file. What is a .mobi file? It’s the type of formatted book file that  will get your book on Kindle. That’s my complicated and very scientific explanation. Your book is changed from a Word .doc to a Mobi.

All other places where you would buy and download a book take EPUB files. What is an .epub file? See above and substitute googleplaybooks, smashwords, kobo, nook, etc.for Kindle.

iTunes (yes, they sell books) is a completely different set-up and I must ask someone who has an apple product to format my Word .doc to fit.

I’ve always just paid someone else to format my Word document for me because I’m a clutz with reformatting, and I don’t have a lot of patience with this sort of thing. So when I come across an explanation with PICTURES online, I’m pretty excited.

This is so cool. Detailed instructions about ebook formatting.

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