More Good Books You’ll Like

My idea of an ideal day is nice weather for porch sitting and reading an excellent book. That said, I’ve had some good reading days. Not all the books I read are exceptional and I can’t list all my favorites on one page, but I’ve listed a few good ones here for you to think about when you’re out of something good to read.

bookPsychophilia: A Novel: A Disturbing Psychological Thriller by Michelle Muckley

Wow! Just wow! When I began reading this I had a hard time getting acclimated. When I was finally there, I ran with it. This poor, poor lady is delusional. Or is she? She keeps repeating things. She couldn’t seem to remember the most simple things, like her accident on the lake. Everyone else thinks she’s crazy, so she must be, right? I couldn’t tell until the end what was wrong with her. This writer got me. I really didn’t see it coming.  This was j
just as good as anything by Gillian Flynn. Wow!

book2Broken Harbor by Tana French

I have loved all of Tana French’s books. This was no exception. I loved the first person point of view. I thought it was handled well and I had no trouble picturing the action. The story moves quickly from the start when the bodies are discovered, and then throughout the interviews with the doubts this detective has. The sadness about the children was done well. I didn’t like that I knew about mid-way through who had done it. I wasn’t disappointed, however, at the twists that happen near the end. I did love how the characters are so well-developed it hardly feels like a first person narrative, which I often find irritating in fiction.

23783496In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

This was an interesting premise. The entire hen party (like a bachlorette bash for the bride to be) was to take place in the middle of the woods in a glass house with no curtains and lots of snow. It was like a “closed” room murder mystery. Who could have done it?? Who else was there? The person whose POV the story is in, wakes up in the hospital with little or no memory of what happened. I really didn’t know who done it until almost the end. The author kept me guessing and I liked that. Recommended.

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