Good Books Outweigh the Bad

I wanted to give you a few good book suggestions and then two that I didn’t like so much. Here are some of this week’s reviews.

This review is from: Flypaper: Dark Psychological Thriller – Book 1 (Kindle Edition)

51MUhPe7DXL__SL110_This was a story within a story about a writer who writes horror with a sense of humor. He has some crazed fans. Some break through the security measures he’s set up. One in particular is a girl he falls for. She’s written a story called “Flypaper”. The author finds it terrible. I want tell more but this was a good story that kept me turning pages till the end. I really couldn’t put it down. It’s short at 199 pages but that’s all that’s needed. The author knows how to write a series. This book had a great ending. It wasn’t a trick ending that isn’t an ending like a lot of “series” writers are doing these days. It was an ending that made me want to purchase the next book, not because I have to, but because it’s such a good premise I know the next in the series will be good, too.
Any of this next author’s short stories will getcha!
51K3uLX24jL__SL110_This review is from: Silent Baby Screams (Kindle Edition) ReginaPuckett

This was a short fun read. I was surprised about midway through when I figured it out but could not stop reading until the end. At the end I decided it was brilliant. Awesome!
51uoynizuML__SL110_This review is from: SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN (Kindle Edition)

Tony Burnett is a master of the short story. Southern Gentlemen is the perfect title for this collection of stories about – southern gentlemen. Some are great people, others are a bit shady, while some are scary. This book has a story for everyone. My favorite is the story of the man who watches the woman emerge from her hotel at exactly eight minutes past the hour for several hours. It has a surprise ending.
Here are the ones I didn’t like. Sometimes I feel like Marvin Zindler when he would yell “slime in the ice machine”. I want to ask why do you think I didn’t like these? Because of the seriously vile habit new writers have gotten into of leaving you hanging in hopes you will then buy the next 18 books to get the original problem solved. Foul! Foul! Foul! You’re out!
51oh7cs0crL__SL110_This review is from: All the Blue-Eyed Angels (Erin Solomon Pentalogy Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

I really loved the book until the end. It didn’t have an end. I’m to buy the other books to find out what happens. The writer is good in story build up and her cliff-hangers are good. The girl protagonist could be better developed. The confusion over the two guys is confusing for the reader, too. Her story of the girl who inherits a sinister island and the man in the hood who seems to be in cahoots with someone else to kill everyone the girl loves is done well until the end that isn’t an end. Disappointed about that. Well-done series can be read as stand alones. I don’t know who has got the cart before the horse and pushed for this new trend of not ending books. It makes me livid.
Now I know you will be surprised at my assessment of the next one but the reason is clear.
51EWt6q24cL__SL110_This review is from: Dorothy Must Die (Kindle Edition)

I can’t improve on some of the great reviews. I thought the book was imaginative and fun to read. HOWEVER, I was disappointed that the book did not deliver on it’s promise. It ends too abruptly. We must purchase all the other books to find a complete story. I don’t like that. In fact, it’s a terrible thing. So I say, don’t buy this one.

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