Thank you, Lilia Fabry!

51hZR3SxvSL__SX312_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve been struggling for months to get my computer to cooperate. It’s frustrating. I like to play music while I’m working and I haven’t been able to since last summer. I do pretty well to figure things out with these electronics. I can move computers around and get them to work again. Hey, with all the wires and devices, that’s something, isn’t it? I can go into the computer’s CPU and replace parts. I can go into programs and operate to delete bad things. I’m no slouch around a PC. But I’ve been stumped with this problem. I’ve appealed to my computer geeks, techies, and chat rooms and no one could tell me what the problem was. I tried all suggestions. I scrubbed my internet, twice. I downloaded the AVG PC tune-up. It would work for a few hours at most before I’d have to do it all over again. I’ve changed batteries, uninstalled and reinstalled. I changed internet browsers, I changed internet providers. (We were using Clear 4G satellite for the internet for 4 years. We switched to Comcast/Xfinity) No change.

So I had heard that Houston Writer’s Guild member Lilia Fabry worked on computers. She’s very sweet (she does not want me to say that) and she had a fantastic novel out. I’ve read Ordinance 93. I highly recommend it for those interested in how things can change with the simple passing of a law – in this instance, a law about reproduction. Scary stuff. So I got Lilia to come over. Apparently I had several programs that were not playing well together. She helped me sort it all out and to optimize the computer so that it could run at blazing speeds with the programs that I actually use. She does this as a profession and she is very reasonable. I did not tell her I was doing this, so I do not have her permission to put a phone number up. But if you ask, I’ll pass that along to you with her permission.

I’ve been listening to my music for an hour now. No problems. My internet is not using a pitchfork to boot me off. I’m not crazy. Probably a good thing.

Well done, Lilia. Everyone should know about you, and your writing, too.

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