Pop Shop Houston Adventure

IMAG0359The Houston Writer’s Guild went to Pop Shop Houston. It is held every year around this time in a big warehouse on Edwards Street (off Sawyer) called Silver Street studios. We invite all our authors to participate in these events we attend.

All the events we get involved with are excellent not only for showcasing our wonderful authors but also for promoting who the Houston Writer’s Guild is and what we do. We are an organization that promotes writing and writers. We offer classes, and workshops and conferences to our members throughout the year.

At Pop Shop Houston we did something a bit different. We laid out pads of paper and wrote a sentence at the top of each page. A different sentence for each, as a story starter. We asked every person who passed to write a sentence with their initials at the beginning of each. The results were hilarious.

The others are published on the Houston Writer’s Guild Facebook page. Go there to read the others.

Here is an example from today:

She knew the time had come to start the

()journey for something true and real. (si) To find who took her left arm, and to demand answers. (cs) The woman yodeled her way out of the questioning, (mw) but they persisted to hold her in captivity ()for her crimes in Brighton, England. (cr) But crimes are all in the eye of the beholder, stealing candy was never a crime! The girl flung her remaining arm up and escaped the menacing pair. Down she went, cobble stone clapping against her shoes. Where could she flee? Willie’s, of course!

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