Comicpalooza 2015

Me and the wasp. Thank you, Tammy for the fabulous photo.
Me and the wasp. Thank you, Tammy for the fabulous photo.

Hey! What about this weather? I hope none of you got water in your homes. (I know of one friend who did. ) If you did, I hope you are now safe, and dry.

Welcome to all my new friends! It was so great to meet you at comicpalooza. We had such fun, didn’t we?

I saw more amazing costumes than I’ve ever seen before.

The people I met were so kind and generous with their time and advice. This is definitely a venue you will see me at in the future.

Tammy had a booth right across from me. We would wave when there were no people in the aisle. She came over the last day and took my picture. It looks like the wasp isn’t enjoying my hugs. Awww.

And here is what Tammy said about The Dry:  I just wanted to say that this rainy weather put me in a mood to read a lot and I finished The Dry rather quickly! I put my review on amazon (tlynn2002) but I wanted to tell you that I thought this was a wonderful read! It had me tearing up a little towards the end. Thank you so much for letting me review your book! I will definitely recommend it to people. 🙂

Writing fact: Put your character into a situation which requires a response. Your character’s character is shown to your reader in this way.

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