The Events in Austin

Unfortunately, the awards ceremony on the capital steps is cancelled because of the expected storm and rain between 12 and 3 tomorrow in Austin. However, I’ll still get the award. Sadly, the governor of Texas will not likely be at the awards dinner.

I will be at TLA on Wednesday. TLA or Texas Librarian’s Association is a conference that most librarians in Texas attend each year. The organizers have big-name authors there signing books. One year that I attended (as a helper) Gary Paulsen was signing books. You remember him? He wrote Hatchet. I loved that book about the little boy who used his wits to survive in the Canadian wilderness after the small plane he was a passenger in went down. Who could ever forget the skunk and the bear scene in the cave?

So I’ll be there signing books. If you live in the Austin area, come by and see me.

2 thoughts on “The Events in Austin”

  1. Sorry about the storm and heavy rains in Austin! I saw that on the news this morning, too. Was this on Saturday? Sorry I didn’t get to see you there, Becky!


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