The New Year

SAM_1285I just received some incredible news and I can’t talk about it. Sorry about that. But I can say that 2015 is already taking the shape of an exciting year.

With the wonderful news of my daughter’s up-coming marriage, and the great conference in April for Houston Writer’s Guild, I can talk about a few great things to come.

My daughter is marrying a kindhearted, loving young man who, when he proposed to my daughter, gave my little grand daughter a ring at the same time. That’s what precious memories are made of.

The upcoming conference will be at the Houston Marriot Westchase in April. There are a lot of details that we will be adding to the website soon.

For some this past year wasn’t easy. I’m so sorry if that was the case for you. I know the sad things happen, the horrible things, the crushing things, because we live in a world that, as C. S. Lewis described it, is bent. Some day this world will be straightened. I hope that your new year will have only the best in it. This is short. I really wanted to simply get on here to wish all of you wonderful friends a brilliant 2015 and the same to all your loved ones.

2 thoughts on “The New Year”

  1. Hey Rebecca,
    I am so bad with social media and the like. Perhaps some renewed attempts this year will improve my responses time. Congratulations on your daughters upcoming nuptials!


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