Next Saturday and the un-Christmas letter

I've always wanted to grow Cardinal Flowers.
I’ve always wanted to grow Cardinal Flowers.

I’ve got a big day next Saturday. I’ll be at the Book Nook in Sugar Land from 12 to 2 signing books with a lot of other authors. The book store is on the corner of Hwy 99 and Hwy 90A. I used to live in that neighborhood.

Then at I’ll be giving a talk about “How to Make Twitter Work for You” at the Loosecan Library on Willowick from 3 to 4:45. Looks like I’ll be a buzzzzy bug that day.

I’m sending out a “newsy” letter by snail-mail about the family, my books, and Britt’s new office. Excuse me if you get this twice but here it is. Yes, I know it isn’t Christmas. It isn’t even Halloween. But I needed to get this out early. At least you get pictures. Those I’m mailing it to don’t.

Dear Loved Ones,

This is a really late 2013 Christmas letter, or an early 2014 one. My mother passed away last December. I didn’t have the heart to write. The last few years she and I had grown quite close. I still miss her.

Our son is 30, but I assure you that his mother does not feel that old. He is busy with his job and his friends, but finds time to spend with his parents. We are thankful for such a sweet son.

Our daughter works as a microbiologist. She has found her job description expanding into food safety. Her generosity and upbeat personality are wonderful.

The Grand girl is three years old. Her speech is surprisingly sophisticated and adorable. She’s the light of our lives.

She said "put me on the timeout chair because I want to be mad." Okay.
She said “put me on the timeout chair because I want to be mad.” Okay.

Mama Nolen (that’s me) has published two novels. The Dry came out in November 2013 and Deadly Thyme came out in May 2014. I’ve included postcards with their descriptions. Please get them (on the internet or from your Barnes & Noble), read them, love them, and pass them on to your friends. I would love reviews on Amazon, too.

Britt's lovely fountain in the front yard.
Britt’s lovely fountain in the front yard.

Papa Nolen has opened a new dental practice. Nolen Dental is located at 415 Westheimer, Suite 209. His office number is 832-301-3617. If you, or someone you know, needs a dentist in the Montrose/Mid-town area please call or pass the number along. His website is

His mother and step-father are struggling with health issues but continue to enjoy life at their senior apartment complex.

Have a peaceful, healthy Christmas. Enjoy God’s blessing with your family in the coming new year.

Much love,

The Nolens

Pride of Barbados
Pride of Barbados

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