Don’t Miss Out on Christie Craig’s Workshop!

coconut palmOkay, the coconut palm that I’m gazing at as I lie in my hammock on the beach is to catch your attention, not to make you jealous. Well, it’s okay to be a little jealous.

*clears throat.

Even if you are not currently a writer, you may have the desire to write a book “when you get the time”. There is no time like the present (yes, a cliche but so apropos) to get inspired and encouraged. Come join us at Grace Methodist Church on Heights Blvd, Houston, TX next Saturday, September 13. The address is 1245 Heights Blvd. The time is from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. To sign up and ensure you have a spot go to

I’m looking forward to it. Hope to see you there because I will be back home in Houston then!

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