My books are Running for Office

Hello and welcome to those new to Rebecca Nolen’s news team newsletter. The purpose of this broadcast is sometimes to promote my books shamelessly, and yes, that does include posting pictures of adorable baby miniature donkeys. In a land full of books, and authors selling and signing books, my job is much like trying to sell ice cubes in Antarctica. But someone’s got to do it and that would be me. And you!

tiny burroIf you’ve read one of my books and liked it – while I would love a review on Amazon and Goodreads – I would really love it if you passed on that enthusiasm for the story to your friends who love to read the same sort of novel. And also, if you’d go ahead and write that review:-)

A lady at church yesterday told me that she wanted to write a review for me but that when she read all the other reviews she was cowed. She said, “How can I compete with that?”

I told her that while I loved all reviews of any number of stars, a few words count as much as a lot of words. It’s the number of reviews that make the difference to the future of my novels. A review is like a vote . You think your vote doesn’t make a difference? If you watch city elections you would know that wasn’t true. Every vote counts. So my book is in a city election and here I am clapping my friends and acquaintances on the back and saying vote for me with twenty words because that’s all you need.

In other news, I’m going to be signing books at the Kroger on Sweetwater Blvd. Friday August 8 from 3 to 7, and Saturday August 9 from 10 to 5. And I’ll be at the Kroger on Hwy 6 #375 (Hwy 6 and I think Kirkwood) the following weekend August 15, & 16 the same hours.

My first experience signing books at a Kroger went very well. I watched people’s faces as they walked into the store and got a look at The Wasp. Horror. Puzzlement. I answered the look with “It’s a wasp.” Either that got a smile and a nod or they wanted to know more. The staff at that store were delightful and friendly. The managers were very helpful. And they want me back. Hooray!

Have a delight filled week.


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