The Night Visitor by Dianne Emley

cover48720-smallSuch a Page Turner!

Rory has a successful cosmetics company but is still haunted by the death of her company’s representative model, her twin sister. So much mystery surrounds her sister’s murder: Junior, the man found next to the model in a vegetative state from a gunshot wound to the head was Rory’s fiance, his wound is not consistent with a self-inflicted wound but Rory’s wealthy family leaked a story to the press that he murdered his fiance’s sister and then tried to commit suicide, no one in Junior’s family believes it and prepares a civil lawsuit, and Rory can’t accept her family’s story either. As Junior’s death nears he reaches out trying to clear his name and communicates with his brother who gets confused messages and believes that what his brother is trying to tell him is that Rory is responsible. His actions lead to tragic consequences and plunge his family and Rory’s into a deeper mystery. Rory begins seeing pictures in her mind of what happened the night her sister was murdered. As she is pulled deeper and deeper into a psychic connection with Junior, her mind sinks deeper into turmoil as she sees but doesn’t see what truly happened. As Junior’s health fails, so does Rory’s. Will she be able to figure out what Junior is telling her before she dies with him?

I can’t tell you. You’ll have to read this riveting story for yourself.

I received this novel from Net Galley for my fair and honest review.

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