A Plethora of Mothers

1385778382812Last year I counted myself rich with mothers. I had my mother, my mother-in-law, and my daughter near me. We all celebrated mother’s day. It was like Christmas, sharing the celebration in different locations from Friday through Monday. That Friday my daughter’s church friends surprised her with a night out and a mother’s day gift. On Saturday we went to my mother-in-law’s for supper. Sunday we took gifts to my mother at the nursing home, though I think her favorite part was drinking coffee with us in the dining room while the great-granddaughter ran around squealing. That Monday, my daughter surprised me with a British cream tea in her apartment with all my friends! It was a surprise. And my daughter made scones and had clotted cream and lemon curd. It was delicious.

This year I don’t have my mother, but as I thought about all the mothers I had over my lifetime, I realize I’ve never been without. There were kind teachers, my amazing grandmother kept my brother and I quite often, my aunt, my Sunday school teachers, camp counselors, and my friends’ mothers when I would spend nearly the entire weekend at their homes. There were a always women encircling me who were iconic moms.

So this year I sent out mother’s day cards to other moms just to say – hey, thanks! And if you didn’t get a card from me. This is it. Thank you for being there for your child, their friends, and all those other kids.

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