Happy Hour with the Author!

Deadly Thyme EbookAnnouncing a book signing on May 15th at River Oaks Book Store at 3270 Westheimer. That’s across the street from Lamar High School and almost next door to the Baskin Robins Ice Cream store on the corner of River Oaks Blvd and Westheimer. There’s a light there, and St. Johns Episcopal Church.

I’m so thrilled to announce this. I am having a book club discussion of Deadly Thyme that morning at 11:00 at River Oaks Book Store and everyone is welcome to come and listen in, but then I’m having a book signing of Deadly Thyme at River Oaks Book Store between 5 and 7. Wine, and refreshments will be available. It’s happy hour with the author time! Yes, I’m going to be at River Oaks Book Store two times, possibly ALL DAY if you show up!!

Deadly Thyme takes place in a sleepy coastal village on the West coast of Cornwall, England. A girl disappears. The village is full of people keeping secrets. One secret is deadly!

Note the new cover of Deadly Thyme. I still have a few of the old postcards to give away so I’ll bring them and you can compare pictures.

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