Welcome to Hell by Demelza Carlton: a review

borrowed from Amazon
borrowed from Amazon

Though the writing is well done, the dialogue is not boring, and the story line is humorous I gave Welcome to Hell three stars because it is not a complete story, or book. When a book or story is offered on Amazon for review the author should expect to get fewer stars if only has a beginning but no end. The only reason it got three stars is because this snippet is well done, the dialogue is not boring, and the story line is humorous.The premise reminded me of  Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis. Only in -Welcome to Hell – Satan (Lucifer) is alive and well on planet earth and running a giant corporation instead of in Hell sending missives to his demonic minions. That a corporation is slowly taking over the world is enough to make a person want to read this story, even a better read when Satan is at large and in charge. From reading the other reviews it seems that there will be more coming. I hope so. This is a fun start and may be a great novel, some day.

I love the character of Mel. She’s funny and sharp and the writing suggests she has a good back story with the turmoil in Iran and Russia, certainly places that need angelic intervention.

I would love to re-review this when the story is complete.

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