A Book Review: The Starlight Chronicles, the Slumbering

The pace of The Starlight Chronicles: Slumbering is handled well. The story world builds from the mundane but believable to the unbelievable fight with demons seeking to destroy mankind, in such a way that we can understand and “get it”.

 I loved that there are no adult situations or repeated use of disgusting and unnecessary language in the book. It makes it easy to be a recommended book to teens or pre-teens looking for a good story.

 Story bits I did not understand. I didn’t get that the little dragon keeps asking Hamilton (the main character) if he “remembers” yet. Well, I do get it, but it isn’t explained very well.starlight chronicles

 While I appreciated the spiritual aspects (the battle between angels and demons), I do not like to see something that I take quite seriously portrayed in a fantasy, which is in essence defining my beliefs as fantasy. I do not personally know this author but I have a feeling that isn’t what was meant. It sends mixed messages. My feeling is that the author needs to bite the proverbial bullet and market this as a Christian book.

 Another thing that struck me almost at once is that while the Hamilton is in the 10th grade the book really has more of the feel of a middle-grade novel. That isn’t a bad thing. Again, a marketing change.

 Another thing I would recommend is that the main character Hamilton do something (however brief) to engender our (the reader’s) affection toward him. He is a brat. I don’t like him. He is redeemed at the end. Okay, that doesn’t make me happy I read the book. I want to see him show some tiny spark of goodness, humility or kindness within the first two pages. Then you’ve got me for the rest of the novel – happy to see him make a fool of himself and then realize his mistakes and become a wonder kid that we can root for.

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