On Reviewing a book . . .

IMAG0668I’m wondering if you, my wonderful readers, would be interested in giving me a review on Amazon? You see, I’m fully aware that Amazon is the new “black” for the world of publishing. The “place to be” for any writer is getting to be top-rated on Amazon. Go Amazon!

Some people don’t like Amazon because they are the equivalent of the “big box store” and because they cut prices on books and often will cut the price lower than any other book outlet. But what I’ve found is that many people are willing to pay that extra two dollars or four dollars for a book they’ve discovered at their local book store, too. Amazon can mark down prices on my books, it doesn’t offend me at all.

About reviewing my books. I’m not asking for a thumbs up. Because my asking for such a thing isn’t right in the grand scale of RIGHT. I don’t want you to support my book if it isn’t good.

The Dry is a middle-grade(ages 8 to 12) historical fantasy. It is set in West Virginia in the 1895 drought.

Here is what one reader said of it – “Twelve-year-old Elliot Sweeney could walk off the page, he feels so real. He’s a collector, a tinkerer, a lost boy who is more interested in rescuing his lost father than in sitting around whining about being stuck alone with an uncaring uncle. Compassion comes naturally to him; it is neither effeminate nor overwrought, it simply is and it defines him. Lefty is an excellent companion for Elliot. Fierce and determined, Lefty’s deeply ingrained mistrust and tendency to avoid getting involved in other folks’ troubles are a valuable contrast to Elliot’s nature. The Wicked Prince of Every Place lives up to his name and reputation; smart and evil, he is motivated by an unquenchable thirst for power, ironically played out by taking control of the world’s water supply.

Reviews don’t have to be elaborate. And please don’t say *** spoiler alert and give away things. A good review is a sharing of enthusiasm for the story. You can even tell which character was most appealing to you. You can share favorite excerpts. I love it when a reader shares favorite excerpts. Chances are they are my favorites, too.

Buy a book and I’m thrilled, give me a review and I’m ecstatic, tell a friend and I’m indebted forever.

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