The Newest Button

Today I pressed a button that will change my world. ALIENS? No! Back garden bugs in close-up

We all press buttons daily. The microwave has buttons, the computer has buttons, the cellphone has buttons, the TV remote has buttons, the newer car locks have buttons and the older ones have remotes with buttons. Some things we have all learned? The red button is to be avoided until there is an emergency. Don’t lose the button thingey because it’s a pain to replace.

We’ve been surrounded by buttons for centuries, but only in this past century do the buttons actually do something. So what does my latest button push have to do with anything?

The button I pushed this morning uploaded my manuscript to Create Space.

I’ve been working on this story for probably ten years. (If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you know I’ve been rather busy the last three years and so haven’t had much time to spawn new books. I haven’t stopped editing what I have.) I’ve grown tired of the roulette/lotto game of traditional publishing. I hired a professional editor and a professional book cover designer.

After I get Advanced Readers Copies proofed, then the book will be available to YOU!

Here is what THE DRY is about:



West Virginia, 1895.

A deadly dry spell has left the earth parched and souls desperate. Crops are failing. Cities are starving. A missing newspaper man doesn’t account for much in times so terrible, except to the twelve-year-old son he left behind. When Elliot Sweeney discovers the search for his father has been called off, he boards a train alone to find him.

His quest leads Elliot into the depths of an abandoned mine, with a peculiar pocket watch, a blind burro, and a gutsy girl at his side. He discovers a world he never dreamed of, even in his worst nightmares, and lands smack in the middle of a war between two kingdoms. Monstrous insects, smiling villains, and dark riddles are everywhere. Deciding who to trust may prove to be his greatest challenge, while the fate of the world above hangs on Elliot’s choice.

This is a story like Wizard of Oz only underground with a boy protagonist.

The Dry, a novel by Rebecca Nolen

I’ll let you know the moment it is available.

Thank you for reading.

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