Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumbs!

Do you know that children’s book? It is a rhythm and rhyming book and that’s the title. It starts out “Hands, hands, fingers, thumbs, dum, deedle, dum, deedle, dum, dum, dum. And it goes on from there.

We’ve had our own version of this in real life this week. First the grand girl got sick. I thought it was just a fever but she got sicker and sicker. No runny nose, no pulling at the ears, no other symptoms until I saw her throat while she was crying. It was bright red. That can’t be good. Then her mother began to get a sore throat. A headache. Spots on her hands. SPOTS ON HER HANDS???

They got worse. Spreading to the soles of her feet and it hurt to walk, she said. Then we noticed the spots on  Cora’s toes.

My daughter went to the doctor and the doctor said “No MORE Monkeys jumping on the bed!”

Wait! That’s another book. Gack! Too many rhymes and songs these days going through my head.

spotty hands
spotty hands

Okay, so the doctor said, “You have ‘hand, foot, and mouth’ and it is highly contagious, for two weeks.”

My daughter is home from work. She feels miserable “It feels like all my nerve endings are on fire.” The baby acts like she feels great, except she doesn’t want to walk if she can beg a lap or a hip-carry. Awwww.

spotty feet
spotty feet

I feel great. So far. But if you don’t see me at the Funnel Tunnel dedication ceremony tonight. I’ve got the “foot in mouth”.


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