A Better Year

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I read my blog stats for the year last night. The good statisticians for WordPress noted that my blogs for 2012 were not nearly as exciting as my blogs for 2011. I had 38 blogs for the year as compared with 60 for 2011.

I can not say that 2013 will be better but I can promise it will be different. Life is full of different.

In 2010 several things went wrong with my comfy world. My neighbor went crazy and began ranting and throwing bottles in her driveway outside our bedroom all night every night. Lack of sleep is a pandemic in our society, especially for women of a certain age, so truly not being able to sleep because of a noisy crazy person next door was a problem. My pregnant daughter’s boyfriend abandoned her, which affected the family in every way. A man rammed his car into her car the year before and was now suing her. She lost her job. We planned to renovate a house and then sell it but found ourselves the victim of an unscrupulous general contractor who took our money and did half of what he said he did to our house. We needed a bigger place anyway with the coming new family member so we moved into our 1910 Craftsman house. The house looked good on the outside but there were unseen disasters yet to come with it. My mother’s health was precarious but in 2010 she was falling almost every week. The parent’s-in-law in Arkansas were dealing with health problems. I had gained so much weight in course of the previous twenty years that my joints were aching too much to move. I went on a serious weight loss plan.

So in 2011 we built a garage apartment in the back yard for the daughter and grandchild. We dealt with plumbing issues and electrical issues that were a result of the unscrupulous contractor. Some of these thing made it into the blog. Our rental properties were having issues – also plumbing and electrical. I can tell you there is a huge difference between each plumbing and electrical contracting company. We dealt with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

By comparison, 2012 was a boring year. My end-of-year report for 2012 instead of being a list of who died or what fresh disaster we dealt with is instead a list of who is alive and how many of our disasters have calmed down.

The grand girl is a joy to live with. The baby’s father is helping out. My daughter has a good job at Dr. Pepper/Snapple as a microbiologist. She is still being sued by the crazed guy who rammed her but no one is too worried because the court keeps putting it off – and will likely declare it a frivolous case and dismiss it. She discovered that the man has made car accidents and suing a habit. My mother is in a nursing home and is very frail but still spunky. She isn’t safe from falling, having fallen about seven weeks ago while trying to transfer from a piano bench back into her wheelchair. She forgot to set the break. She broke all the ribs on one side, one of which pierced her lung and almost killed her. We have such excellent hospitals in Houston. She went to Methodist and after an operation to drain her lung. She recovered. She is 87. My husband moved his parents from Arkansas to an apartment about five minutes from our home. They love their new life and their health has improved. I lost twenty-five pounds last year and kept it off in 2012. Our son has a new job in oil and gas, which is doing well at the moment. He looks forward to the future with his new company. Neither my computer nor anything attached to it has caught fire in the last six months.

I look forward to doing more than 39 blogs in the new year. I look forward to seeing you back here again in 2013. Thank you for reading!


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